The Grammar Checker: How it can help you create grammar perfect emails, letters, or documents

For a very long time, grammar checkers have been available. This article is written using the most popular word processor on the planet. The program has a built in grammar checker as well as a spell-checker. However, the grammar checker is not something I ever use. Why? Why? Because it doesn’t work on so many occasions.

The leading word processor cannot provide us with a reliable grammar tester. What can we do instead?

How to improve your grammar

1. Take a Grammar Bible to your computer and get a copy. Take advantage of its tips and you will improve your grammar over time.

2. Visit Grammar Girl’s website. These podcasts offer many useful tips that can be listened to from your computer or on your ipod. The book is one of iTunes most viewed, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

3. WhiteSmoke Software provides a grammar checking tool. This is not your ordinary grammar checker. WhiteSmoke Software is an Israeli company that’s solely concerned with grammar. It is this concentration that allows WhiteSmoke to create a grammar-checker that truly makes the grade.

WhiteSmoke examines approximately a million sentences monthly and constantly updates its grammar checker in order to better serve writers. This tool is used to check what you are writing.

WhiteSmoke gives very specific grammar recommendations.

The mandatory word processor also includes a spellchecker, and the Thesaurus.

WhiteSmoke stands out because of what they call ‘Text enrichment’. Although it’s somewhat vague, this is what WhiteSmoke calls Text Enrichment. The meaning of this is it that the program will try to improve whatever text you have entered. Here is an example.

WhiteSmoke before I noticed issues
WhiteSmoke: It was a significant issue.
WhiteSmoke was before me:
WhiteSmoke: What do you think we should be doing?

This is a great way to make small adjustments that will improve the quality of your writing. It’s amazing how professional my writing appears after applying text enrichment! WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker for Whom Should It Be?

WhiteSmoke is available in many versions. You can choose from a simple version for writers, as well as versions to suit legal, creative and business writers.

You will find specific templates for each version. You will find business-specific writing tips, templates and contracts for your business, as well as thank you notes and thank you letters.

WhiteSmoke also works with most software programs that allow you to input a lot of text. No matter which software program you’re using, it can check your grammar to make sure that you write error-free.

WhiteSmoke does more than check your grammar. It is also a grammar advisor. This can prove to be a great tool for writers.

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