Return of the Magic Mushroom

Super Mario fans have fun playing with them. They are studied by doctors. Many chefs around the world prepare meals with them. They can appear in a matter of hours, disappear quickly and leave no trace. Mycologists are students of this world. Now, the soulcybin review has been studied as a possible treatment to cancer, PTSD and other psychological disorders.

Mushrooms (sometimes called toadstools) are fleshy fungi which can grow above ground on soil, or on food sources. They are distinct from the rest of plants in a kingdom called Myceteae. This is because they lack chlorophyll.

Some mushrooms get nutrients from other sources, such as by eating higher plants and breaking down organic material. These are called “decomposers”. Another group attacks living plants in order to kill them and consume them. They are called parasites. Mycorrhizals come in both poisonous and edible varieties and can be found at or near the roots trees such as oaks, pines, or firs.

For humans, mushrooms can do one of three things: nourish, heal, or poison. Few mushrooms are considered benign. The most common edible versions of this meat of vegetable world’ include the oyster and morel.

They are used extensively in Asian cuisines, including Japan, Korea, Japan, India and China. China is the world’s largest producer, cultivating more than half the mushrooms consumed globally. Most of the edible varieties in our supermarkets are grown on farms. They include shiitake, portobello, and enoki.

For centuries, mushrooms have been used as a part of Eastern medicine, especially in traditional Chinese practices. Studies in the U.S. were started in the 1960s to examine possible ways to regulate the immune system, and to prevent tumor growth by using extracts of mushrooms used in cancer research.

Native Mesoamericans used mushrooms ritually for thousands upon thousands of years. Aztecs called mushrooms the ‘flesh-of-the gods’. Many cultures across America used mushrooms in religious ceremonies. It is shown in cave paintings in Spain, Algeria and Spain that ritualized ingestion dates back up to 9000 year. Psilocybin was discovered by Western psychiatry after World War II. Christian authorities both on the Atlantic and in Spain were questioned about its use.