Flagpoles for sale

The most costly Atlantic Flagpole can be hundreds of thousands of pounds, especially for some of the more impressive poles. A commercial aluminum eighty-foot pole, which is at the top end of the typical spectrum, might be $10,000. Residential poles that are shorter and more affordable are more practical.

Flagpoles can be purchased as kits with all hardware. A fifteen-foot aluminum residential flagpole with an external halyard system that costs $500 would likely include a flag, a ball for the tip, a pulley or “truck assembly”, cleats (the handles where the rope is wrapped to secure the flag in its place), rope or “halyard”, snap hooks to stop it from banging against the pole; flash collar to give the base a finished look; and instructions for assembly.

Due to the extra time involved in producing an internal halyard system they can be more expensive.

Fiberglass flagpoles tend to be more expensive than aluminum due to their lower wear. Bronze is more in demand, making it even more costly. Because it is virtually invincible steel tends be the most expensive.

There are many flagpole sellers to choose from. One way to find one is to look up flagpoles in the local yellow pages or do an internet search.