Gold as Investment – Top Five Ways to Invest In Gold

Many people see the advantages of gold ira as an investment even in these down economic times. It is important to consider your options before you make an investment in gold. There are many choices when it comes buying precious metals. These are the top 5 methods to buy precious metals.

1. Physical Coins – Gold has been used as an investment for thousands upon thousands of years. The first coins were made. Because they are small, lightweight and portable, coins can hold a great deal of wealth. These treasures can either be purchased online or at your local currency dealer.

2. Physical bars – Bars can be a great investment in gold. You are buying gold at its lowest price when you purchase bars. Bars have the smallest premium or markup over spot gold prices than smaller denominations.

3. Precious Metals IRA – Using gold as an investment in your IRA to protect against inflation and diversify your retirement fund is a great way for you to do so. You don’t have to buy gold for an IRA. A third-party storage company can store your gold.

4. COMEX Contract- A COMEX gold contract is a futures agreement for a specific amount of gold. One 100-ounce gold Comex contract equals 100 ounces. The futures contract will expire and the contract can be delivered on request. While your gold is actually stored at the Comex vault you have many complaints that the Comex gives cash settlements and not physical bullion.

5. ETF’s – GLD is an exchange traded fund. GLD trades on the exchange like a mutual fund. While you don’t have actual ownership of the gold, your exposure to the price for gold is similar to a derivative. This route could be good if you don’t intend to buy physical bullion.