Microsoft Dynamics GP Great Plains Upgrade FAQ

Current version 10.0 is the most current thinktribe. This is also a common scenario where an ERP version is not up-to-date, but is 2, 3 or 5 years old. There are several ways to upgrade. One option is to work at a pace with Microsoft Great Plains while applying each service pack. A second scenario is less conservative: upgrade is an investment and it forces MRP employees to work longer hours to help consultants with testing, such as printing major reports and verifying balances. This conservative approach suggests that you jump over one version. You should not upgrade to version 8.0 if you’re on version 7. Custom modules, reporting, custom-made integration, and EDI are all important upgrades. Let’s look at the version upgrade checklist:

o Reg Key. It is standard ERP industry practice to require all customers to join the annual enhancement program. This requires that you pay an annual fee. In order to be reenrolled in the enhancement program, you will have to pay a penalty for any time you go lapse in the annual program. If you are current in enhancement you automatically get reg key for the latest version

o Upgrade technology. Great Plains – Upgrade Technology is built into GP utilities. After installing a new version of the server, you will be prompted to authorize the utilities to launch the upgrade. There are several upgrade scenarios. Microsoft Dexterity, which is GP’s internal architecture, drives upgrades and deploys its tools. These GP Dexterity terms and terminologies should be familiarized, including Dynamics.dic and Dynamics.set, Reports.dic, DEX_ROW_ID.

o Reports upgrade. There are many types: ReportWriter, SQL Server Reporting Services (or SRS), Crystal Reports, and ReportWriter. These last two technologies are very version-independent and easily upgrade.

o Dexterity upgrade. This is one the most common GP customization technologies. Dexterity custom dictionary and customization source code scripts are required if you wish to modify dex modification. Developers will usually give you Dynamics.dic with your customized logic.

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