Carpet Cleaning Process Commercial

Do you hire professional carpet cleaners? This should be done once or twice a year if you want your carpet to last. No matter how often you clean carpets at home, quality services are able to achieve superior results. The companies employ high-quality cleaning products, and use proven techniques to deliver effective results. Below is an example of a Upholstery Cleaning North Shore process that most carpet cleaning companies use for your carpet.


A pre-inspection step is important if you are looking for quality and obvious results. Carpet cleaning professionals inspect carpets, taking note of spots and material. Carpet cleaning is done using the appropriate method.


Once your carpet has been thoroughly examined, you can apply a pre-spraying solution to it. It is meant to loosen soil and other particles from carpet fibers. It is a highly effective formula that removes dirt, oil, grease and sugar from carpet fibers. The particles are then broken down into small pieces and separated from the carpet fibers, making it easy to remove them when cleaning is done.


This optional service is sometimes available, but you might have to fork out an additional fee for certain cleaning services. It is highly recommended that you deodorize your home if there are pets. Carpets can be cleaned with an antimicrobial cleaner to remove any odors and kill all bacteria.

Hot water extraction

Professional carpet cleaners often use hot water extraction. This is usually done after any pre-spraying agents have settled well on the carpet. All residues are removed from carpet. This ensures that no dust is left behind. You will notice a softening effect in your carpet if you are using quality services.

Many carpet cleaning services may also use other methods, like dry-cleaning or steam cleaning.


The carpet can then be left to dry in modern drying rooms after it has been cleaned thoroughly. High-speed fans and advanced cooling units extract any moisture in carpet. In certain cases, steam might also be employed.

It is then inspected again after it has dried completely. The carpet is inspected again if any staining remains. These stains can be treated with appropriate agents to ensure that your carpet is completely clean.

Carpet Protection

Capet protection can be added to many cleaning service’s optional services. Capet protection is highly recommended, as it helps to reduce frequent cleanings and extends the carpet’s life. Your carpet is coated with a spherical layer that prevents staining and preserves fibers from fraying.

Professional cleaning is a great way to make your carpets look new.

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